Zaraye is a B2B commerce solution that helps buyers get the best prices, in a hassle-free and quality-assured manner.

Gone are the days of trying to contact brokers and wasting valuable time negotiating. Compared to the traditional bidding process where the supplier raises the bid, Zaraye's reverse-bidding platform puts the initiative in your hands as a buyer. This means once you post your requirements, the relevant sellers will be notified to quote their rates. Our propriety technology and algorithms carefully curate an array of the best offers for our buyers for them to select from.

We ensure the highest of standards when it comes to delivering the required product to our partners reliably and punctually, assuring the quality standards are met. In case of any support required before, during or after sales, our Partner Success team is always available and active.

Customer Reviews

From Yarn procurement to delivery of yarn, Zaraye takes care of everything for me. Literally, I can focus on my day-to-day work and

I don’t need to worry about the yarn. I know it will be delivered as promised.

I had been working with only two brokers for the past 3 decades. They only had access to 4-5 different suppliers.

However, working with Zaraye has created new avenues for me as I can choose yarn products at the best rates from Zaraye’s widespread supplier base across Pakistan.

For me, Zaraye is a one-stop solution that helps me procure my raw materials in just a few clicks. It has made my life hassle-free

and convenient. Before Zaraye I used to call 8-10 different brokers for yarn-related queries.

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