Our Co-Founders

Ahsan Ali Khan

Co Founder

Working in some of the leading startups in the region through my career created the appreciation that businesses need favorable conditions to thrive. At Zaraye, we are on a mission to enable our manufacturers and, together, develop prospering enterprises that will help build a financially strong society.

“Zaraye”, an Urdu word that translates to “sources”, embodies our mission: be a source of doing business with ease, which will enable underserved industries to leapfrog and compete globally. At Zaraye, each individual strives every day in making our world a more equitable place for all.

Hashair Junaid Ahmedani

Co Founder

Born into a family of entrepreneurs and having a family business in textile manufacturing for the past three decades, I’ve experienced the inefficiencies in the manufacturing processes first-hand. Being a part of this industry for so long, and realising this gap, invoked an urge to address these shortcomings and become a part of the solution.

Zaraye, for me, is an enablement engine that will allow industrial manufacturers to maximize their potential through a diverse range of solutions.

Taha Iqbal Teli

Co Founder

Having seen decades-old businesses in my family with archaic processes facing challenges to keep up with global standards. I felt there was a dire need to enable our manufacturers across various industries to solve these challenges.

It’s important to understand that an efficient and well oiled industrial sector is imperative for any country to spur economic growth and solve more significant challenges.

For me, our mantra is simple, unlock industrial potential and allow them to grow faster than ever before.