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Our philosophy is simple - hire a team of diverse passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

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Hashim Adenwalla

Founding Member

I have been a part of the tech ecosystem for the past two and a half years working with two different organizations before joining Zaraye. Being a part of Zaraye for the last eight months has been an overwhelming experience. Personally, for me, Zaraye is an organization with great culture, a place where there are learning opportunities for every individual and brings out the best in all of us. A place that respects and values the diversity of thought for everyone.

Uzair Qureshi

Product Manager

Before Zaraye, I never thought of creating an impact, but now I find myself thinking about the wider picture, the economy and the people over a cup of tea every morning with brilliant minds.

Mufrah Rasheed

People and Culture Associate

Zaraye, to me, is nothing but a family. A family that is with you in every phase of life teaches you the importance of making mistakes and learning from them while uplifting and motivating you at the same time.

Zain Elahi

Category Manager

One really does not know what they need in life to survive when everything comes crashing down. At the stage of giving up and surrendering to the lows of life, Zaraye, in all honesty, came as no less than a revelation for me. The values and the culture this organization has exposed me to is the daily dose of refreshment that holds a very emotional place in my life. The energy and the dedication I see in each and every member of the Zaraye family actually motivates me more than anything ever has to take ownership of what this organization wants to become.

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