I Can. You Can. We Will.


One really does not know what they need in life to survive when everything comes crashing down. At the stage of giving up and surrendering to the lows of life, Zaraye, in all honesty, came as no less than a revelation for me. The values and the culture this organization has exposed me to is the daily dose of refreshment that holds a very emotional place in my life. The energy and the dedication I see in each and every member of the Zaraye family actually motivates me more than anything ever has to take ownership of what this organization wants to become. All these individuals running in circles, arguing every other hour and minutes later sitting down and having laughter fits over a cup of tea is the beauty of this family that I wake up to see every day. From running around in the office and being the worst distractions to moments later solving the biggest of problems that the business might be facing. From being someone who wanted to rush back home as soon as the clock hit 6 pm to now keeping no track of how late it could get. From just being ourselves to accepting and respecting the diversity of thoughts and personalities.

Zaraye has really been an amazing occurrence in my life that has helped me change my take on work cultures. Helped me in shifting my mindset from a conventional one to an imaginative one. Helped me in building new friendships with great people. Helped me in further developing the self-belief that without Zaraye would have been much of a peripheral trait in my personality. And helped me in realizing that there is a lot more to the profession than just working 40+ hours a week.

Zaraye has everything it takes to reach the very peak of success and to be up there amongst the very best of organizations. And with the growing family, it’s surely closer than we expect it is. Onwards and upwards!

Zain Elahi

I have been a part of the tech ecosystem for the past two and a half years working with two different organizations before joining Zaraye. Being a part of Zaraye for the last eight months has been an overwhelming experience. Personally, for me, Zaraye is an organization with great culture, a place where there are learning opportunities for every individual and brings out the best in all of us. A place that respects and values the diversity of thought for everyone.

A place full of banters—a place where we all fight, quarrel and share great memories. A place where we all love, laugh and live. A place where we all share our highs and lows. A place where we bond with people who we’ve met for only a few weeks, and they already feel like family. A place that feels like home.

A place where we all strive to achieve Zaraye’s vision. Hand on heart, I could keep writing about the special place this organization holds in my life and how every day in the last eight months since I joined has been a new adventure.

The love and affection for this great organization we call home get stronger and stronger every day!

Hashim Adenwalla

Before Zaraye, I never thought of creating an impact, but now I find myself thinking about the wider picture, the economy and the people over a cup of tea every morning with brilliant minds.

Zaraye for me is a mini YCombinator in itself. Every day there is something new to learn, something new to solve for, something new to cherish about. In such a hyper-growth environment, where everybody is passionate about the “problem”, I learned that true value is generated when you create value for others. Every day, we work to develop solutions for the economy, solutions for the people, and solutions for ourselves. I hope one day, such culture and vision are instilled in every workplace around the world, where sharing of ideas, solutions and laughter is a norm.

Uzair Qureshi

I was warmly welcomed by the entire team when I joined Zaraye. Every single day, I’m been provided with amazing learning opportunities which are helping me have a clearer vision of my professional career progression.

I am highly grateful to be a part of the team and look forward to growing and learning more while helping the company reach heights.

Jibran Rizwan

Zaraye, to me, is nothing but a family. A family that is with you in every phase of life teaches you the importance of making mistakes and learning from them while uplifting and motivating you at the same time.

Every new day at Zaraye is an opportunity to learn and grow. Each day, I get to sit and work with a fantastic bunch of super-intelligent and hardworking people, making me super grateful. I am lucky to be a part of an incredible team that believes in creating an impact and collectively working towards turning Zaraye’s vision into reality.

Mufrah Rasheed

Life at Zaraye

Core Values

We either find a way or make one

We are persistent and always find a way. No matter what it takes, we create the best solutions for all stakeholders involved

Start with why, get wow'd

We are always curious and eager to learn. We are not afraid to ask questions and look for the truth- data remains our guide

Fail fast, Learn, build faster

Our perpetual state is movement- we create, learn and optimize everyday

Take charge, make things happen

We operate at the highest levels of ownership- we don't wait for someone else to solve the problem, but take charge and execute

We make the best out of the least

We understand that we have been entrusted with a great responsibility, and treat our resources with the utmost respect to create the most efficient and frugal solutions

Embrace the adventure

We are eager to take the road less travelled, embrace the unknown and pioneer solutions for our customers

Disagree, commit, own

We debate vehemently. Even if the decision is otherwise, we commit to it like our own

All for one, one for all

We stand together no matter how big the adversity. We support and help selflessly, and treat one another with the highest levels of respect

We make our customers the star of our story

Our customers are central to all conversations we have- we solve their problems every day and take pride in going the extra mile for them

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