Textile Manufacturers - AGI Denim

AGI Denim


AGI Denim is one of Pakistan’s leading high-quality denim manufacturers established in 1949 in Karachi. AGI denim produces quality denim using the latest equipment and machinery and maintaining production methods that ensure a safe and productive work environment for employees.

AGI Denim is a vertically integrated company with massive scale operations based all over Karachi with over 17 factories. Producing high-quality fabrics and finished products by using advanced automation technologies, sustainable processes, and with the help of local and foreign experts throughout the manufacturing process. Four of the 17 AGI Denim’s factories are LEED certified due to their active commitment and investment in energy & water-efficient machinery.

With two manufacturing plants, AGI Denim has the capacity to produce 25 million units annually. From weaving, and dyeing to finishing AGI Denim mills follow an environmentally sensitive process. They have control over raw materials, yarn manufacturing, and subsequent processes producing great quality fabric. 

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