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Cement Industry in Pakistan

The cement industry in Pakistan is a vital part of the development of infrastructure and has a massive economic contribution. The cement industry in Pakistan is a large-scale manufacturing sector that contributes around 9.5% to Pakistan’s GDP, and the Pakistani government announced several incentives during the fourth quarter of FY2020 to try and boost the cement industry in Pakistan.

cement industry in pakistan

The cement industry of Pakistan overall has a 5.3% share of Pakistan’s economy. It is a crucial sector due to its immense and direct influence on the country’s infrastructure developments. The cement industry in Pakistan is connected to other essential sectors in Pakistan such as steel, wood, and tiles. The size of the cement industry in Pakistan was recorded at Rs. 345 million during FY2020 hence the cement industry contributed 0.85% to Pakistan’s GDP.

cement industry in pakistan

The Cement industry in Pakistan comprises of 19 companies, of which 16 companies and 24 plants are operational. The cement industry is highly organized and is competitive in nature, with most of the leading companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. 

The cement consumption in Pakistan is around 182 kg per capital whereas in the rest of the world the average per capita consumption is around 500 kg which clearly indicates a vast opportunity to grow cement consumption.


Top Cement Brands in Pakistan

  • Bestway Cement
  • Lucky Cement
  • Power Cement
  • Dg Cement
  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • Fauji Cement
  • Pioneer Cement
  • Parkland Cement
  • Askari Cement
  • Kohat Cement
  • Attock Cement
  • Flying Cement
  • Falcon Cement
  • Pakcem Cement


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