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Denim Fabric by the Yard

What is Denim Fabric?

Denim Fabric is an extremely durable fabric with a slightly ribbed, coarse texture. Woven in a twill-style weave, denim fabric is made or blended with cotton, polyester, and spandex (for added stretch). Not all denim is created equal, there are many different styles including 10 oz Bull Denim, Stretch Denim, and lightweight 8 oz Slub Twill Denim. Additionally, denim fabric is available in several colors like black, white, blue, and indigo.

denim fabric by the yard

Where to Buy Denim Fabric?

Use denim fabric to craft gorgeous apparel and stylish décor. Sew denim fabric to create jeans, shirts, jackets, and more. Additionally, denim fabric can be used for décors like upholstery projects, tote bags, and curtains. Check out our Fabric Wholesale Direct Blog for a denim fabric skirt sewing tutorial.

Denim fabric is sold at wholesale prices, both by the yard and in bulk, by the roll; shop denim fabric from Zaraye today!

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