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Faizan Steel 

About Faizan Steel


For the past two decades, Faizan Steel has stood as a prominent name in the construction industry of Pakistan. Recognized as the leading steel manufacturer and importer of steel products in the country, Faizan Steel has been instrumental in supplying top-quality steel products and equipment to major construction companies.

Products Offered by Faizan Steel

Faizan Steel Mills stands out with its production of advanced fully automatic premium steel bars. These bars, which are cold-finished, own hot-rolled, and hot-rolled varieties, are not only durable but also possess an attractive appearance that garners significant interest from both architects and engineers alike. Faizan Steel is committed to delivering the highest quality steel products to meet the ever-evolving needs of the construction industry.

Where is Faizan Steel Located?

Faizan Steel's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is strategically situated in Karachi's SITE area. This prime location allows them to efficiently serve customers throughout Pakistan, making them one of the fastest producers of deformed steel bars in the country.

Faizan Steel Price in Karachi

If you're seeking competitive steel prices in Karachi, look no further. Faizan Steel offers top-quality steel products at competitive rates, ensuring that your construction projects remain cost-effective while using premium materials. The steel price in Karachi is of great significance, and Faizan Steel aims to provide affordability without compromising on quality.

Buy Faizan Steel with Zaraye

When it comes to procuring Faizan Steel and other leading steel brands, Zaraye is your one-stop solution. Zaraye provides a vast selection of steel products at the best rates on a single platform. For the best steel rates in Pakistan, be it for Karachi Steel Mill products or other brands, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to ensure that your construction projects have access to the finest steel materials at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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