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Maple Leaf Cement

The Maple Leaf Cement Factory comprises Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited and Maple Leaf Cement factory limited. Both companies are massive players in the Pakistan manufacturing industry and are also listed on three stock exchanges in the country. 

maple leaf cement

Maple Leaf Cement Factory Products

Maple Leaf Cement is the third-largest cement factory in Pakistan, it was established in 1956. It is located in Daudkhel which is a strategic location because the area is rich in raw materials required for cement production. 

In 1992, the OPC cement production capacity of Maple Leaf was 1000 tonnes per day. However, soon a second plant with a production capacity of 4000 tonnes per day was set up in 1998 and the third plant with a capacity of 6700 tonnes per day came into production in 2006. Increasing the total capacity to 11,700 tonnes per day. 

The capacity of White Cement also increased from 100 tonnes per day to 500 tonnes per day with the addition of a new plant. This Maple Leaf cement plant also has the capacity to double the production capacity to 1000 tonnes per day. Currently, Maple Leaf Cement has 9% of the market share of OPC in Pakistan and is a leading brand with a diverse customer base. Maple Leaf Cement is also the largest producer of White Cement in the country with 80% of the market share. 

Maple Leaf Cement Price Today

The Maple Leaf Cement price today is trading in the range of Rs. 1,060 to Rs. 1,065 per unit. Additionally, Maple Leaf offers its premium product, Maple Leaf White Cement (40KG), at a price range of Rs. 1,700 to Rs. 1,705 per bag. These prices reflect the current market conditions and are subject to fluctuations based on supply and demand dynamics. Maple Leaf Cement continues to be a trusted name in the industry, known for its high-quality products and commitment to meeting construction needs with excellence. For the most up-to-date pricing and further details, customers are advised to contact Maple Leaf Cement directly or refer to their authorized distributors.

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What is Maple Leaf Cement Factory?
Maple Leaf Cement Factory is a renowned cement manufacturing facility known for producing high-quality cement products.

Who is the CEO of Maple Leaf Cement Factory?
The CEO of Maple Leaf Cement Factory is Mr. Sayeed Tariq Saigol.

Who is the Chairman of Maple Leaf Cement Factory?
The Chairman of Maple Leaf Cement Factory is Mr. Tariq Sayeed Saigol.

Where is Maple Leaf Cement Factory located?
Maple Leaf Cement Factory is situated at 42-Lawrence Road, Lahore.

What products does Maple Leaf Cement Factory manufacture?
Maple Leaf Cement Factory specializes in the production of cement products used in various construction applications.

maple leaf cement

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