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polypropylene bag

What are Polypropylene Bags?

Polypropylene bags are made from the synthetic plastic polymer polypropylene which is a material used often in consumer goods and some industrial applications. Polypropylene is used to make bags because it is strong, flexible, and can be made transparent. Polypropylene bags are manufactured for several uses. Polypropylene is less common than polyethylene which is the most frequently used for disposable plastic bags and packaging.

polypropylene bags

Polypropylene (PP) Bags 

PP bags are characterized by a transparent appearance and has higher tensile strength, whereas polypropylene bags have higher heat and chemical resistance when compared to polyethylene bags. Polypropylene packaging is also ideal for wrapping solutions that prevent scratches to the product or contents as it can be made with rigid protective edges. PP bags offer incredible and unmatched protection against moisture, vapors, and debris. Some benefits of polypropylene bags include:

  • More resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, and scratches
  • Stiff and hard plastic
  • Crystal clear for excellent product presentation
  • Unmatched vapor and moisture barrier
  • Meeting FDA and USDA specifications and requirements


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