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Today's Cement Rate in Pakistan

The cement rate in Pakistan is not the same every day nor is it the same for all brands because of the variation in the quality of cement. There are many cement companies operating in Pakistan currently and it is crucial to pick the best quality cement for major construction. 

todays cement rate in pakistan


Latest Cement Rate in Pakistan


There is severe uncertainty currently in cement rates due to the constant rise in the dollar rate which has led to daily cement prices rising drastically. The cement rate has even risen to over Rs.1,100 which has created a startling situation in the construction industry in Pakistan. Though the prices have slightly fallen since then they are on the rise again due to the rising dollar rate. 

It is necessary to know the daily rate of cement in Pakistan to calculate the average cost of construction. Cement along with bricks is the main material needed in construction which is why knowing the daily rate of cement in Pakistan is essential. Selecting the right cement brand with the highest quality is important for construction in the long term. 


today cement rate in pakistan


Cement Rate In Pakistan

The cement rate each day is rising and with cement prices in Pakistan of all the cement companies in Pakistan being different from each other, it is essential to know the approximate rate of the cement you want to purchase. 


Today's Cement Rate in Pakistan 6th Feb 2023 - Updated

Cement Company

Price per 50kg bag

Bestway cement

Rs. 1,020-1,025

DG Cement

Rs. 1,030-1,035

Lucky Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

Maple Leaf Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Fauji Cement

Rs. 1,015-1,020

Maple Leaf White Cement

Rs. 1,500-1,510

Attock Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

Kohat Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

Pak Cement

Rs. 1,020-1,025

Askari Cement

Rs. 1,015-1,020

Flying Cement

Rs. 990-995

Pioneer Cement

Rs. 1,020-1,025

Cherat Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

The above-mentioned rates are approximate market rates and not the exact daily rates for cement. Cement rates in Pakistan may differ from city to city but this price difference is minimal. However, to get the best cement rates in Karachi get a quote from Zaraye now!

Cement Companies in Pakistan

  • D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Dandot Cement Company Limited
  • Flying Cement Limited
  • Fauji Cement Company Limited
  • Attock Cement Limited
  • Askari Cement Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Dewan Cement Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • Pioneer Cement Limited
  • FECTO Cement Company Limited
  • Gharibwal Cement Limited
  • Kohat Cement Limited
  • Lucky Cement Limited
  • Safe Mix Concrete Limited
  • Thatta Cement Limited 


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