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White Cement Price in Pakistan 2023, Maple Leaf, Lucky Cement, DG Cement

In this article, we will explore the current state of cement prices in Pakistan today and delve into the factors influencing these prices, specifically from a business-to-business perspective. Whether you're a contractor, supplier, or other industry professional, understanding the trends and forces shaping cement prices in 2023 is essential for effective decision-making and successful project planning. So, if you're eager to gain valuable insights into the B2B aspect of cement pricing in Pakistan, continue reading to discover the key factors driving this crucial component of the country's infrastructure development.

About Lucky Cement

Lucky Cement specializes in the production of various types of cement. The company operates state-of-the-art manufacturing plants equipped with modern machinery and technology. Lucky Cement produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC), and Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement (PBFSC), catering to different construction needs.

Lucky Cement Products

Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC): SRC is designed to resist the damaging effects of sulfate present in soil or water. It is suitable for construction in areas with high sulfate content. Lucky Cement manufactures SRC that provides durability and strength in challenging environments.

Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement (PBFSC): PBFSC is a blended cement that contains a combination of clinker, gypsum, and blast furnace slag. It offers enhanced durability, reduced heat generation, and improved resistance to sulfate attacks. Lucky Cement produces PBFSC to cater to specific construction needs.

Ordinary Portland cement is a necessary component of the construction industry in Pakistan. Before buying cement it is important to see the daily cement prices of all the cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan in 2022. 


What is White Cement?

White cement is a specialized form of cement that is used for aesthetic purposes and specific applications where a clean and bright appearance is desired. It is similar to regular grey cement but is produced from raw materials that have low iron oxide content, such as limestone, chalk, clay, and silica. The iron oxide content is responsible for the grey colour in ordinary cement.

white cement

Where can White Cement be used?

The primary use of white cement is in decorative and architectural applications. Here are some common uses:

Decorative Concrete: White cement is often used in the production of decorative concrete, including countertops, flooring, tiles, and precast elements. Its bright white colour provides a clean and elegant look.

Wall Finishes: It is used for creating white or coloured finishes on interior and exterior walls. White cement-based paints or stucco can be applied to achieve a smooth, even, and durable finish.

Terrazzo Flooring: White cement is an essential component in the production of terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips embedded in a white cement matrix. It is known for its polished and decorative appearance.

Precast Panels and Elements: White cement is used in the production of precast concrete panels, architectural elements, and ornamental structures where a high-quality, bright white finish is desired.

Grouts and Joint Fillers: White cement-based grouts and joint fillers are used for filling gaps between tiles, stones, or bricks. These grouts help achieve a uniform and clean appearance.

Artistic and Sculptural Applications: White cement's versatility makes it suitable for artistic and sculptural applications. It is often used by artists and sculptors for creating statues, decorative objects, and intricate designs.

white cement price in pakistan

White Cement Price in PakistanToday September 2023 - Updated 

Cement Company

Price per 50kg bag

Bestway cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040

DG Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Lucky Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Maple Leaf Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Fauji Cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040

Maple Leaf White Cement

Rs. 1,500-1,510

Attock Cement

Rs. 1,030-1,035

Kohat Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Pak Cement

Rs. 1,030-1,035

Askari Cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040

Flying Cement

Rs. 995 - 1,000

Pioneer Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055



Cherat Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015





















White Cement Price in Pakistan Today - September 2023

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Cement BrandsRates Per 50 KG Bag
Bestway Cement1130-1135 PKR
Pak Cem Cement 1135-1140 PKR
DG Cement ⓘ1130-1135 PKR
Fauji Cement ⓘ1115-1120 PKR
Lucky Cement ⓘ1115-1120 PKR
Kohat Cement ⓘ1120-1125 PKR
Cherat Cement1115-1120 PKR
Maple Leaf ⓘ1130-1135 PKR
Power Cement1115-1120 PKR
Askari Cement1110-1115 PKR
Pioneer Cement1120-1125 PKR
Paidar Cement1105-1110 PKR
Falcon Cement1110-1115 PKR
Flying Cement1085-1090 PKR


















white cement price in pakistan

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