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From Seed to Success - Mapping a Vision for the Thriving Cotton Industry of Pakistan

Syeda Rida Shammas

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In the heart of Pakistan, where the soil has long been intertwined with the livelihood of its people, the cotton industry stands at a crossroads. Once the backbone of the nation's agrarian economy, the cotton crop has faced challenges in recent years that have left farmers struggling and the industry reeling. However, a beacon of hope has emerged in the form of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) and its visionary initiative to revive the cotton industry.

APTMA's Strategic Approach

In a strategic alliance with the Punjab government, APTMA has launched a concerted effort to rejuvenate cotton production and yield in Pakistan. The formation of a Cotton Task Force underscores their commitment, and proactive engagement with global partners, including the USA, China, Turkey, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, demonstrating an eagerness to adopt cutting-edge seed development technologies.

Source: All Pakistan Textile Mills Association


The creation of a Cotton Secretariat, led by APTMA's Patron-In-Chief, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, marks a crucial step in addressing the challenges faced by the cotton industry. This dedicated team of researchers and consultants is tasked with steering the sector towards sustainable growth. APTMA's active participation in monthly Cotton Crop Assessment Meetings ensures that the association's influence is not only valued but also materializes into impactful outcomes.


APTMA Cotton Foundation - A Paradigm Shift in Farming

At the forefront of APTMA's initiatives is the APTMA Cotton Foundation (ACF), a groundbreaking project designed to revolutionize cotton production. Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the driving force behind ACF, envisions a comprehensive approach to revive the cotton crop, integrating innovative technologies in seed variety development and implementing certified approval systems for seed production.

Source: All Pakistan Textile Mills Association


The ACF model farming concept involves developing and testing various methodologies to improve crop productivity and enhance yield. With an onsite biotechnology laboratory for seed and soil testing, ACF aims to develop technologically advanced seeds. Furthermore, ACF will provide crucial support to farmers through technical training programs, ensuring they are equipped with knowledge of international best practices for cultivating high-quality cotton.

The visionary goal of ACF goes beyond mere agricultural advancements. It aspires to alleviate poverty by providing sustainable income opportunities for farmers, meet domestic cotton demand, reduce import bills, and pave the way for an export-led economic development of Pakistan.


Zaraye - Transforming Sourcing in Pakistan's Industries

In parallel with APTMA's efforts, Zaraye is playing a pivotal role in reshaping how industries source their raw materials. Specifically targeting the textile, construction, iron steel, and polymer sectors, Zaraye acts as a dynamic B2B platform connecting manufacturers with suppliers nationwide.

Zaraye's mission aligns with the need for efficiency and convenience in the sourcing process. By digitizing and streamlining the sourcing procedures, Zaraye empowers manufacturers to expand their businesses with ease. The platform's commitment to simplifying sourcing is a testament to its dedication to redefining the landscape of industries that heavily rely on raw materials.


A Collective Vision for Growth

The integrated efforts of these initiatives not only promise a revitalized cotton sector but also underscore the importance of technology and collaboration in the sustainable development of Pakistan's industries. The seeds of progress have been sown, and as APTMA and Zaraye continue their endeavours, the future of Pakistan's textile industry appears brighter than ever.

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