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How to Style Hoodies - A Comprehensive Guide to Style a Hoodie

Syeda Rida Shammas

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Hoodies, those comfortable and versatile garments, have evolved from athletic wear to a fashion statement. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the history of hoodies, their prominent place in today's fashion trends, and, most importantly, provide a detailed exploration of how to style hoodies for various occasions and looks. Whether you're aiming for a laid-back layered appearance, embracing the athleisure trend, or even incorporating hoodies into tailored outfits, we've got you covered.

History of Hoodies

Before we dive into the intricacies of styling hoodies, let's take a moment to appreciate the history of these iconic garments. Originating as functional sportswear, hoodies emerged in the 1930s as a means to keep athletes warm during outdoor workouts. Their rise in popularity coincided with the growth of collegiate and sports culture.

Hoodies were initially designed with practicality in mind. The addition of a hood provided extra protection against the elements, and the cozy, fleecy interior offered warmth. These early hoodies were primarily worn by athletes, construction workers, and labourers. Their unassuming origins were far from the fashion-forward image we associate with hoodies today.


Hoodies in Trend

Fast forward to today, and hoodies have transcended their athletic origins to become a wardrobe staple. They're no longer relegated to gym sessions or lazy weekends; hoodies have found their way into high fashion, streetwear, and everything in between. As such, they've earned their place as a must-have item in your closet.

Hoodies have gained popularity due to their versatility, comfort, and ability to cater to diverse styles. They've been embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds, making them an essential piece of clothing in contemporary fashion.

How to Style Hoodies

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of styling hoodies for various occasions and looks.

1. Layered Look

The layered hoodie look is a game-changer when the weather is unpredictable. It combines functionality and style seamlessly. Here's how to nail it:

  • Start with a simple hoodie, preferably in a neutral colour. Neutrals are versatile and can easily blend with other pieces.
  • Layer your hoodie under a denim jacket or an oversized cardigan. The combination offers both warmth and style, making it perfect for chilly days.
  • Add a pair of well-fitted jeans and your favourite sneakers. The result is an effortlessly chic ensemble suitable for casual outings with friends or a relaxed day of exploration.

The layered look is all about adapting to changing weather while maintaining your fashion-forward style.


2. Athleisure Look

The athleisure trend is still going strong, and the hoodie is at its core. Elevate your gym hoodie to a fashionable statement piece with these tips:

  • Choose a hoodie with a streamlined design and a flattering fit. This ensures you look put together even in your most comfortable attire.
  • Pair your hoodie with sleek leggings or joggers. Look for pieces that flatter your body shape while providing maximum comfort.
  • Accessorize with trendy sneakers and oversized sunglasses. These add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.


This style effortlessly transitions from a workout to errands or even coffee with friends, giving you comfort without sacrificing style. Athleisure is all about looking effortlessly chic while staying comfortable.

3. With a Leather Jacket

For those who want to inject a dose of edginess into their wardrobe, pairing a hoodie with a leather jacket is the way to go. This combination exudes urban chic and rebellious charm. Here's how to pull it off:

  • Look for a neutral-coloured hoodie to maintain a timeless look. Black, grey, or deep navy work exceptionally well.
  • Let the leather jacket take centre stage. Choose a jacket with an iconic biker-style design or a classic moto jacket.
  • Finish off the look with skinny jeans and ankle boots. This creates a harmonious blend of casual and edgy.


This style is perfect for a night out on the town, a concert, or any occasion where you want to make a bold fashion statement. The hoodie softens the toughness of the leather jacket while retaining its coolness.

4. With Tailoring

One of the most exciting fashion trends in recent years is the fusion of casual and formal wear. This trend has given rise to the incorporation of hoodies into tailored outfits, and it works remarkably well. Here's how to achieve this smart-casual look:

  • Select a slim-fit hoodie in a solid colour. This ensures a clean, sophisticated appearance.

Layer the hoodie under a well-fitted blazer. The blazer adds structure and elevates the overall look.

  • Choose tailored trousers in complementary colours. Combining the hoodie, blazer, and trousers creates a balanced, put-together outfit.
  • Finish off the look with dress shoes or clean, minimalist sneakers. The result is a style that's perfect for business-casual events, dinner dates, or even a sophisticated evening outing.

This style effortlessly bridges the gap between comfort and refinement, allowing you to feel at ease while looking polished.


5. With Tailored Trousers

Taking the tailored approach a step further, you can pair your hoodie with tailored trousers for a striking high-low combination. This creates an intriguing contrast that exudes confidence and sophistication. Here's how to master this modern twist on classic attire:

  • Opt for tailored trousers in a complementary colour to your hoodie. This creates a visually pleasing harmony in your outfit.
  • Choose a hoodie with a streamlined design and a fit that complements the trousers.
  • Complete the look with loafers or dressy sneakers. These footwear choices add a contemporary touch to the classic ensemble.

This style is suitable for semi-formal gatherings, special occasions, or any time you want to make a lasting impression with your fashion choices.

How to Style Hoodie Guideline

Now that you know how to master the art of styling hoodies, it's essential to consider these key factors when buying your next hoodie:


The fit is crucial. A well-fitted hoodie can accentuate your physique while offering comfort. Avoid overly baggy or excessively tight hoodies.


Prioritize quality materials such as cotton or cotton blends for comfort and longevity. These materials also offer breathability, which is essential for all-day wear.


Consider the color carefully. Neutral colours like black, grey, or navy are versatile and easy to mix and match with other clothing items. However, don't hesitate to experiment with bolder colours if they align with your style.


Pay attention to the design and graphics on the hoodie. Make sure it aligns with your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or bold graphics, there's a hoodie design to suit your taste.


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