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Plastic Pipes Industry in Pakistan: Navigating Trends and Insights

Syeda Rida Shammas

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Plastic Pipes Industry in Pakistan: Navigating Trends and Insights


In recent years, the plastic industry in Pakistan has experienced phenomenal growth, prominently showcased by its thriving segment - plastic pipes. This integral sector has taken centre stage in both domestic and global markets, making significant strides. In this exploration, we will delve into the intricacies of this industry, uncovering key aspects such as exports, imports, growth patterns, and the profound economic impact it has on Pakistan's economy.


Exports and Imports

The year 2021 marked a pivotal point for Pakistan's plastic pipe exports, recording a substantial $1.42 million. This accomplishment secured Pakistan the 107th spot on the global plastic pipes exporter list. Correspondingly, among Pakistan's most exported products, plastic pipes clinched the 406th rank. This achievement was shared with significant destinations including the United Arab Emirates ($429k), the United Kingdom ($309k), the United States ($120k), Mozambique ($100k), and Turkey ($84.7k).

The market exhibited noteworthy growth trends from 2020 to 2021. A remarkable surge of $404k (a staggering 1.6k% increase) was observed in the United Arab Emirates. Mozambique followed suit with a growth of $94.1k (1.57k%), and Turkey showcased substantial growth at $49.7k (142%).

On the flip side, Pakistan's import of plastic pipes in 2021 stood at $36.4 million, ranking Pakistan as the 93rd largest global importer. The lion's share of these imports was attributed to China, contributing a significant $20.1 million. This was followed by contributions from Oman ($3.35M), Turkey ($1.63M), Germany ($1.17M), and South Korea ($1.07M).


Trade Balance and Market Concentration

Analyzing the trade balance reveals intriguing insights. While Pakistan's exports in plastic pipes reached $1.42 million, the imports in the same category surged to $36.4 million in 2021, highlighting a substantial trade gap. China maintained its dominance as a major contributor to Pakistan's imports, showcasing a substantial disparity.

Market concentration underscores Pakistan's prowess in the plastic pipes industry. In the realm of exports, Germany, China, and the United States emerged as formidable competitors. Germany, in particular, took the lead with an impressive export value of $4.95 billion. Shifting to imports, the United States, Germany, and France held significant positions, with the United States accounting for $3.37 billion.


Economic and Product Complexity

Understanding the economic and product complexity is paramount in deciphering an industrial landscape. In 2021, Pakistan recorded an economic complexity of -0.55, securing the 87th position out of 131. The product complexity of plastic pipes in Pakistan placed it at the 609th spot out of 1024, with a product complexity value of -0.19.


Contributions to Pakistan's Economy

The plastic industry's significance within Pakistan's manufacturing landscape is undeniable. With an impressive count of around 11,000 processing units, this sector significantly contributes to the nation's GDP. Remarkably, the Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association (PPMA) serves as a cornerstone, uniting nearly 150 plastic companies across the country.

This industry thrives particularly in Punjab, housing approximately 65% of the plastic processing units. Its economic influence resonates significantly, contributing over 15% to the GDP and national tax collection. Impressively, the domestic investment stands at approximately Rs. 500 billion, underscoring the industry's profitability and potential for growth.


Plastic Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers

Amidst this vibrant landscape, plastic pipe manufacturers and suppliers play an indispensable role. Their innovations and quality products form the backbone of this thriving industry, bolstering Pakistan's presence in both local and global markets.

The plastic pipes industry in Pakistan stands as a beacon of the nation's evolving economic landscape. With robust export growth, strategic imports, and a burgeoning industry framework, the plastic pipes sector is instrumental in local consumption and global trade. As this sector continues to expand and innovate, its role in driving Pakistan's economic growth remains undeniable. Amidst it all, plastic pipe manufacturers and suppliers remain the unsung heroes, propelling this industry toward an even brighter future.


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