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Top Cement Companies in Pakistan

Tehreem Tufail

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Pakistani cement industry is growing at an incredible rate, with cement manufacturers contributing mainly to the Pakistani economy. Here’s a list of a few of the top cement companies in Pakistan:


1. Lucky Cement Ltd.

Lucky Cement Ltd is the flagship company of the Yunus Brothers Group and  Pakistan’s largest cement manufacturing company.  Lucky Cement Ltd is a publicly listed company with over 3000 shareholders and undoubtedly one of the top cement manufacturers in the country. 

Lucky Cement manufacturers Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, White Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, and Slag Cement. Their current production capacity is 14,000 metric tons per day with plans to increase this to 27,000 metric tons per day.

Lucky Cement is one of the first to install Waste Heat Recovery and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) Plants in Pakistan. Lucky Cement has a captive power generation facility of 180 MW and supplies additionally generated electricity to support the National grid.


lucky cement


2. DG Khan Cement Co. Ltd.

DG Khan Cement Co. Ltd. is a publicly traded Pakistani cement manufacturing company, with its headquarters located in DG Khan, Punjab. Founded in 1976 as a state-owned enterprise, DG Khan Cement Ltd. has been involved in the production and sale of cement since its very inception. 

DG Cement functions by having a countrywide distribution network of regional sales offices. Their products are used and preferred for many reputable national and local projects due to their incredible and consistent quality. DG Cement is also listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The company manufactures Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC), and Portland Pozzolanic Cement (PPC). 


3. Attock Cement Pakistan Ltd.

Attock Cement was established in 1981, with commercial production commencing in 1988. The company has the capacity to produce 2,000 tons per day of clinker and has become a key contributor to Pakistan’s economy. Attock Cement produces gray cement, Portland cement, white cement, and plaster, while also manufacturing different types of clinkers 

Attock Cement has a state-of-the-art plant with the latest technology that helps produce high-quality products. Attock Cement is the first and one of the only companies in Pakistan that have a quality control lab that has been accredited ISO 17025 by the Pakistan National Accreditation Council. 


3. Kohinoor Cement Ltd.

Kohinoor Cement Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kohinoor Group. The company produces grey cement, Portland cement, and white cement at its cement plant located in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. 

The company has a total installed capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum. Kohinoor Cement Ltd. commenced commercial operations in March 2006, selling its products through a widespread sales and distribution network covering the entire country.


4. Power Cement

Power Cement Limited was established as a private company in 1981 and converted into a public company in 1987. It is currently also listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange. Power Cement deals in the manufacturing, sale, and marketing of cement. 

Power Cement has a total production capacity of 900,000 tons of clinker per annum and has also installed a third line with a capacity of 7,700 clinker production and 8,500 tpd cement grinding. 

Power cement is also the second largest cement producer in Pakistan’s south with a capacity of 3.40 million tons per annum. Its main target is the local market catering to the Southern region of Pakistan. 


5. Dewan Cement

Established in 198,1 Dewan Cement is an ISO-certified company and a well-known name in the construction industry for the production of high-quality cement. They have two manufacturing units with a capacity of over 2,880,000 tons per annum which includes Pakland Cement Ltd., and Saadi Cement Ltd. Using the latest technology and machinery, they serve a huge market size especially since they have a clinker production capacity of up to 750,000 TPA. 

Dewan Cement’s products include OPC, SRC, rapid-setting cement, and Pakland blast furnace slag cement. They are also listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges.


6. Maple Leaf Cement

Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd. has a production capacity of 2.0 million tons per annum. Maple Leaf Cement commenced its operations in November 1992 with the production of gray Portland cement. It has since then added white portland cement and concrete to its product range. Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd is also involved in the power generation and Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) business. 


7. Bestway Cement

Bestway Cement is part of Bestway Group UK and is the second-largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan with an annual production capacity of 10.7 million tonnes. Bestway Cement was founded in 1993 and is also listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. Bestway Cement Limited makes up 25% of the market share in Northern Pakistan. 

They manufacture various cement products; all-purpose cement, early-setting cement, ordinary Portland cement, low-heat cement, and much more. Bestway Cement was the first in Pakistan to set up a waste heat recovery power plant and has plants at Chakwal, Hattar, Farooqia, and Kallar Kahar.

With the cement industry’s incredible contribution to the economy, it makes sense to support the expansion of the construction industry in Pakistan. However, there have been many issues that have been detrimental to the construction industry’s growth; Pakistan’s power crisis is one such issue that could cause many cement companies in the Pakistani industry to unravel. 

Another issue is the surge in the price of cement in Pakistan due to the volatile economy and increasing dollar rate. Some recovery in the industry is anticipated as flood rehabilitation programs gain pace as well as falling coal prices which could provide support to the sector's margins going ahead.

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